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Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University graduate evening Education Department of physical education and sports dated 4 January 1995 12 January 1995 by the Council of higher education in law with the approval of 2547 7/D-2 in accordance with under the umbrella of the faculty was established. After the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 9577044 published in the Official Gazette No. 22350 on July 25, 1995, the additional 30 of the Law No. 2809. According to the article, The Physical Education and Sports School of our university has been established and the Department of Physical Education and sports teaching has been attached to the structure of the school. Subsequently, the Recreation Department was opened in 2000 , the Coaching Training Department in 2002 ,The Sports Management Department in 2003, and the disability exercise and Sports Education Department in 2014. School of Physical Education and Sports providing education at undergraduate level with four departments and seven programs on the letter of the Ministry of National Education dated 15.01.2015 and numbered 485660, dated 28.03.1983 and numbered 2809 of the Law Annex 30. According to the article , by the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 26.01.2015, the Faculty of Sports Sciences was established in its place by the same decision.
        Our faculty aims to train staff who are equipped with knowledge and skills in related fields in the public and private sectors. In this context, physical education and sports teaching (regular education), coach training (normal and Secondary Education), Sport Management (normal and secondary education) and Recreation (normal and secondary education) program continues the educational activities of the seven departments. The Department of disability exercise and Sport Education within the faculty was closed in 2018.
          Our faculty, artificial turf football field ,an athletics Tartan Track ,2 Olympic fitness, stamina and Power Development Centre, dance aerobics and step aerobics ,gymnastics, massage ,combat sports hall, tennis courts ,semi-Olympic swimming pool ,beach, handball ,volleyball and football where the field is located within the campus located in the building of the Faculty of Sport Sciences Exercise Physiology Laboratory ,Center for lifelong sports and physical fitness, seminar rooms ,computer labs, meeting rooms, lecture hall and several classrooms.

  • Department Of Coaching Training                                         
  • Department Of Physical Education And Sports Teaching
  • Department Of Sports Management
  • Recreation Department
  • 2 professors
  • 15 Professor
  • 4 Dr. Faculty
  • 10 Lecturers
  • 7 Research Assistants