To our distinguished students, academics and all supporters of our Faculty of Sports Sciences…
I am honored to be the dean of our Faculty of Sports Sciences for 5 years in recent years when our state and our nation have risen to prominence in the fields of education and sports. It is a privilege to be able to shape the future together under the same roof with the many scientists who have served this university over the years. I look forward to the years ahead with hope and optimism that many more services will be provided.
For those who want to know more about our faculty, I openly; our center is located in the county hinges Mugla University, Kotekli Campus, located within the Faculty of Sport Sciences, consists of four parts: Department of physical education and Sports, Coaching Education Department, Recreation Department, and the Department of sport management. Apart from the Department of Physical Education and sports teaching, second education is also offered in other departments. Our students who have graduated from our school, our university has no graduate program in the Department of physical education and Sport Sciences Institute of Health, Institute of Social Sciences affiliated to Department of sport management and Recreation Department can make to graduate education through the graduate programs fulfill the academic requirements.   
To express the vision of our Faculty of Sports Sciences, they are among the leading departments of Physical Education and sports teaching, coaching, Recreation and Sports Management in our country. As we enter new and exciting processes in the coming periods, we aim to train graduates who are sincerely committed to our state and our nation, who follow and apply scientific developments in the globalizing world, who will serve with human focus, compassion and a sense of excellence in their daily lives and to contribute positively to our society.
On the other hand, with the opportunities offered by our state, we strive to further our position by increasing our achievements in education and sports with the participation of our students who are national athletes in their fields. Our efforts are continuing to include our departments in accreditation processes that will achieve higher education quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the age.
The MSKU Faculty of Sports Sciences is not only prominent in Türkiye, but also in our current international geography, due to its large number of international students. If you are a teacher, recreation expert, coach or administrator candidate, I recommend that you consider our faculty as a priority.
Wishes you to make your journey to higher education with us,
My love and respects…